The principles behind Connhex

March 21, 2024

With our Spring ’24 release for Connhex approaching, it’s time to distill its core principles.

It took us a while: almost two years have passed since this post. We started from understanding what our customers (SMEs building connected devices) were looking for and then focused on building it: now we are simply extracting the principles that have emerged during its development.

Without further ado, let’s list them.

01. For device manufacturers

Connhex is focused on serving connected device manufacturers.

It won’t appeal to everybody and, in our playbook, that’s a good thing. We’re trying to maximize its usefulness to our customers, not its market share.

02. Foundational

Connhex is the foundation for your own IoT platform, focusing on providing rock-solid foundations, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Imagine an iceberg: the largest portion is underwater - that’s Connhex! However, only the tip is visible: this is what makes your solution unique, what makes your IoT platform yours.

03. Under your control

A core component of your data strategy should be under your complete control, that’s all. We strive to keep doing business with you because you’re satisfied, not because you’re obliged.

Connhex has been available on your servers and your cloud, from day one. Your business is yours, your data is yours and your users are yours.

04. Security, robustness and speed

We are all in on nailing the fundamentals: everything else is secondary.

While it might sound boring, our goal is for you to forget about Connhex. It’s the foundational component of your IoT infrastructure: the more unnoticed it goes, the better. You’ll never ask for a less secure, less stable or slower Connhex: we, therefore, invest heavily in these areas.

05. Adapts to your business

Connhex mirrors the way your business is structured.

From multiple business units to different departments, Connhex has been engineered to mirror your company structure. Every organization is different, so we won’t be able to do everything: we focus on solving core needs for connected device manufacturers, then leave the solution open to adding pieces over it.

Connhex adapts to your way of working, not the other way round.

06. Bring your own apps

User-facing apps must be custom made.

We believe this so much we went as far as not including any end user interface in Connhex. Granted, Connhex already provides multiple internal UIs, from Connhex Control to monitoring dashboards. But it is designed to include one or more bespoke user apps.

Connhex exists to help you build the best solution possible, and nothing less than that.

07. Complete

Connhex is a complete IoT suite.

It looks at the task of connecting your devices in its entirety, covering both edge and cloud needs. It integrates manufacturing and support tools, ways to sell services and data analysis functionalities.

That’s it for now: expect to hear from us soon, since Connhex’s Spring ‘24 release is coming. As always, you can join Compiuta’s newsletter to be notified of new posts!