Connhex's mission

May 08, 2023

I feel like we did a pretty good job at explaining the what behind Connhex: it is a suite of services that seamlessly integrate to offer a complete IoT solution. It’s much more than an IoT platform: it’s everything a device manufacturer needs to provide apps and services to its customers.

However, we didn’t communicate why Connhex exists as well. There’s a long post on this blog titled Why we built Connhex, but it only explains the rationale behind the decision of investing in building such a product.

There’s a missing piece of the story: the irrational one.

Small Enterprises

Compiuta started (and still is) as a small, independent company: few resources, that needed to be allocated wisely 1. There are lots of things we are not that good at (selling, for example!) - but we do know how to write pretty good software.

We realized we could have a significant impact by helping small connected device manufacturers. They have a tough job:

  • they need to compete against big companies with almost unlimited resources
  • they need to create complete experiences. Manufacturing smart appliances? You’ll be judged on the quality of your apps too. Building industrial devices? Your customer is not only the final user, but everyone involved in the distribution and installation chain - thus you’ll need dedicated apps for them.

Now, device manufacturing almost always involves some coding. That’s firmware, though - and being able to write good firmware is to cloud software what being a good cyclist is to driving a car. You’re always moving, but they are different things.

The small connected device manufacturer is left with a choice:

  • building everything in-house and accepting a sub-par experience for the end user
  • contracting out the work with a low budget, usually resulting in a sub-par experience

That’s not fair.

Connhex’s mission

We want to help small and medium connected device manufacturers to compete in a global market. We do so by empowering them to deliver complete experiences that have nothing to envy to those created by competitors with 100x their budget.

Products created by small companies can and should be better than alternatives offered by bigger entities. They don’t have the advantages of an established brand, widespread distribution and big sales force - but they can double down on product quality.

And that’s what we are thrilled to help with.

  1. That’s not the only way to start a company, of course. But I feel like it teaches you a lot: the most important realization is how much you can achieve with limited resources and no overhead.