Owasys chooses Connhex

February 14, 2024

Connhex is now officially supported by every Owasys unit.

Owasys has chosen Connhex, the first industrial IoT suite dedicated to connected device manufacturers, as one of their selected cloud platforms!

In practice, this means their customers will be able to install Connhex Edge on any owa unit and be sure it works smoothly, connect it to Connhex Cloud and get any addon automatically configured out of the box. For example, as soon as an owa device boots, they will be able to access its digital twin thanks to the integration of Connhex’s system monitor.

This milestone comes after extensive testing on the field: we developed many projects with their owa units as remote devices. Furthermore, Owasys’s R&D team was kind enough to work with us on providing a seamless SnapLink configuration procedure.

Many thanks to Damaso, Miguel, Mikel, Janire, Josè Miguel and the entire Owasys team - we’re sure this is just the start of a great partnership🙏