Connhex Spring '24 release

April 01, 2024

🌱 Spring is here and so is a new Connhex!

Welcome to the Spring ‘24 release for Connhex: in this post we’ll get through what’s new and share a few bonuses.

A new Connhex Edge

The biggest improvement1 to Connhex Edge until now is here. We refactored many components, consolidating all functionality on the agent service.

Lots of work has been put into making Connhex Edge ready for future expansion: it now includes a pub-sub abstraction layer to support multiple bus implementations. The first one is Redis, which you can now choose over NATS.


SnapLink is the fastest way to connect edges to Connhex Cloud.

Under the hood, it integrates the Connhex Provisioning flow with a new Connhex Core service (announce): edges announce themselves to Connhex Cloud and their association needs to be approved via Connhex Control.

While developing SnapLink, we also included a Connhex Edge installation wizard.

Connhex IAM is faster than ever

Speed is a feature: Connhex IAM was a bit slower than our liking for users whose policies contained thousands of statements.

“Let’s see if we can do better” quickly turned into ditching the policy engine we were using and rolling out our own implementation🙈 However, the final result was worth the wait: a 100x speedup on policies with 1000+ statements.

This effort made no sense from business standpoint - but hey, creating something we’re proud of is part of the equation too.

Other improvements

If you fancy reading more about what’s included in this release, you can find the complete release note here.

Touching briefly on what’s new for [Connhex]‘s website:

  • we added comparisons to better highlight Connhex’s strengths2 with respect to managed services, typical IoT platforms and custom projects
  • the help center now includes navigation links, plus a new section on trials
  • we added a detailed page describing Connhex to our fellow software developers
  • we completely transformed the highlights page - concepts are still the same, but it’s now hopefully clearer why you should choose Connhex

Last but not least, we also improved our docs. Besides documenting features included in this Connhex release, we:

  • added a quick-start section, going from first connection to permissions setup
  • updated our API visualization system
  • included a partial3 list of SOMs and devices Connhex Edge is currently running on
  • described data retention and aggregation strategies included in Connhex Core

That’s it for this release! Next one is scheduled for this fall, but you’ll be hearing from us long before that: remember to join Compiuta’s newsletter to be notified when a new post is out🤗

  1. We seriously considered bumping it major version - but didn’t do so, since it’s still compatible with every Connhex Cloud version.
  2. We included weaknesses too!
  3. Since our main customers are device manufacturers, we don’t always the underlying hardware Connhex Edge is running on.