About us

A bit of background on who we are.

Vincenzo Greco

Vincenzo has 10 years+ experience in developing high-scalability high-availability cloud architectures. He has worked with leading brands and institutions to develop AR/VR based interactive applications.

He has been the principal architect behind one of the first interactive virtual shops - for one of the world's largest automakers - based on low-latency live streaming and real-time data transfer.

Alberto Lanaro

Graduated in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Padova, Alberto has developed over the years various approaches for discovering anomalies in data streams.

In 2019, he has published an RNN based gait anomaly detection algorithm ( link ) and subsequently applied similar approaches to predictive maintenance tasks.

Marco Pinato

Graduated in Mechatronics Engineering from the Univeristy of Padova, Marco has spent half a decade focusing on developing various flavours of machine learning models to analyze industrial images.

He is particularly interested in applications of privacy-preserving AI techniques.

Compiuta is an Italian feminine adjective which stands for something that's done, finished. And it perfectly describes how we work.