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/kom’pjuta/: something that's done, finished.

It also sounds like computer.

Who are we?

We are a software company that both creates its own products and provides tailored services for the Industrial IoT sector.

Complete solutions

One of our mottos is: standardize everything that's possible but nothing more. We like to imagine our solutions like a house: rock-solid foundations, interiors tailored to our customers' taste and needs.

Our greatest hit so far is Connhex - an industrial IoT suite for device manufacturers.


Compiuta builds complete software packages from the ground up. We are a product-first company that develops, sells, hosts and supports its own products. And we use them ourselves, to completely close the loop.

  • Industrial IoT

    We offer data collection and analysis platforms, purposefully built for Industrial IoT scenarios.

    Our solutions achieve industrial-grade security and robustness while still being completely open and customizable.

    Best of both worlds

    A rock-solid foundation reduces the time-to-market required to create a new platform and ensures its security. Completely tailor-made components guarantee that the final result perfectly suits our customers' needs and adds measurable value to their businesses.

    Meet Connhex, the heart of Compiuta's IoT.




    If it's good for all, it's not good at all.

    Every company faces slightly different challenges and offering a standard software solution to fit their needs would be like selling single-sized flexible shoes: they fit, but they are not that comfortable.

    This is why Compiuta's IoT solutions always include tailored components specifically targeted towards solving our customers' needs in the best way possible.


    Reinventing the wheel is a waste of time - thus a waste of money.

    Every industrial IoT application has at least some of the following requirements: security, robustness, performance and cost-effectiveness.

    Developing a platform from scratch for each client wouldn't be cost effective. A custom-built platform is also less robust and future-proof than a product tested and validated across a broad portfolio of projects.

    Compiuta's IoT solutions are built around Connhex - a core product that we continuously update and extend with new capabilities. This ensures your platform will also be up-to-date with the latest security fixes and functionalities.

    Privacy first

    Connhex is GDPR compliant and on-premise-first: this means you can choose to host it on a Linux server or in the cloud. Incidentally, this ensures your complete control over your data.

    Artificial intelligence

    Connhex AI takes a dual approach to data analysis. On one hand, it offers anomaly detection capabilities out of the box, just by searching patterns in unstructured data. On the other, it provides connectors to custom-built modules that we use to integrate custom Machine Learning models.

    Integrated but open

    Connhex Edge allows a seamless integration with Connhex and speeds up by 10x the development of an IoT application. At the same time, Connhex ensures no vendor lock-in by running on your own servers and exposes its data through APIs: this means it is open to communicate with any application.

    Safety and performance

    Connhex is developed with cutting-edge technologies for high performance and minimum resource consumption. It is designed with safety in mind: it automatically handles mutual authentication and authorization for every message that transits through the platform.

  • Tailored solutions

    Compiuta is a one-stop-shop for all of your IoT software needs: we provide all of our expertise - painstakingly acquired by creating and maintaining our own solutions - to help you create the perfect product for your customers.

    Data analysis and Machine Learning

    Data collection is at the core of our offering. And gathering data without performing any additional analysis is not that useful: this is why we place particular care in learning from it.

    Some things we can help you with: developing models for time-series analysis, anomaly detection, forecasting. We can also help you in building collect-train-deploy pipelines, putting models into production, developing monitoring and update systems.

    Cloud infrastructures

    Learning from data is not feasible without first gathering the data itself.

    We create high-availability and high-scalability data collection platforms that can be hosted on any cloud provider.

    Some things we can help you with: understanding Kubernetes once and for all, systems design, HA, debugging cloud orchestration or scaling issues. We can also point you in the right direction to build useful monitoring and observability tools.

    Edge software

    It's called Internet of Things for a reason, after all.

    We develop custom software packages running at the edge, typically on microprocessor-based machines: we are accostumed to transient network scenarios and low resources availability.

    Some things we can help you with: developing edge logic and services on any Linux-flavoured platform. Interacting with periferals over all major field protocols.

    Web and mobile apps

    Collected information must be available to the end user - may it be another software or a human.

    We develop custom web applications completely tailored to our customers' needs and APIs to integrate with third-party apps.

    Some things we can help you with: creating web apps (we have a solid grasp of Angular) and complete backend systems. Develop user apps using Flutter, both for mobile and embedded platforms.

Our customers

Some of the companies we're proud to work with.

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