Compiuta's logo

February 02, 2022

Compiuta’s logo is a simple cyan square.

Cyan because it is a light, vibrant, optimistic color. A square because…well, that’s a story in itself.

What should a logo look like?

First things first: I’m no expert on logo design, at all.

Looking at a few great brands some patterns start to emerge though. A logo should:

  • be simple;
  • look good on different scales - likewise on a pen and a billboard;
  • be easy to remember;
  • be timeless, not following trends and fashions - just look at Nike’s swoosh.

When we set off to brainstorm some ideas for a logo, we were following these constraints carefully - if you already know how our company name came to be, this process should look familiar.


We are Compiuta: in our way of working, every product or project we tackle must come to a destination. How could this concept be represented?

Vincenzo, being Compiuta’s most creative mind, came up with a great idea: a tombstone.

In mathematics, a tombstone is a symbol used to denote the end of a proof.

That’s our job in a nutshell: take a problem, create a solution, declare it as “done”. Therefore, that’s our identity.

We are engineers by trade: math represents the foundation that allows us to do our job. Paying tribute to it - even if in such a small fashion - is our way of being grateful.

Having a tombstone as our logo also serves another function: it remembers us that we need to get stuff done. All of us at Compiuta have a perfectionistic disposition - things can always be better.

By saying “done” we can deliver something good enough to bring value to our customers - in our experience, a slightly better solution delivered months later is usually worse from a value standpoint.

That’s the brief story behind our logo.

We have been quite pleased with how it turned out and strongly recommend imposing the same constraints if you need to come up with some ideas for a logo.

Pro tip: avoid logo generators, by definition they’ll produce fashionable and sterile designs. Also, try to come up with some concepts and ideas on your own before consulting with a professional artist: having some insights as starting discussion points will be useful.

Ready to put a tombstone on a project? We’ll be happy to hear from you!