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Stage and Thesis opportunities

Are you ready to become a Compiuter?

This page contains some stage and thesis opportunities we offer.

This page is quite detailed (read: long), but don’t expect the standard copy-pasted corporate jargon. Here’s a breakdown:

  • About you : what we are looking for in a candidate for this position
  • About us : the essential information about who we are, so you know what to expect before asking Google
  • About this project : details about each particular project offer.

Stages and theses are things we plan to lose money on. We are not looking for cheap labour: we are looking to invest in you by sharing our expertise. What do we get out of it? It's a great recruiting opportunity: if we like how we collaborate, rest assured a job offer is coming your way.

Thank you for taking the time to read them - we would be glad to hear from you. Have another idea that would make up for a great stage or thesis? We're definitely open to consider it, so just get in touch!

Industrial IoT

About this project:

  • We will be releasing a new functionality for Connhex ( in Q4/23, that will (hopefully!) redefine how users interact with remote devices.
  • During your period with us, you’ll develop a complete (yes, starting from a clean sheet and completing it!) application based on it.
  • This will involve writing quite a lot of code. Unless you have been writing software on your own, it will probably be your biggest project to date – and we’ll be there to guide you through it.
    • Make devices communicate with a cloud entity in scenarios of transient connectivity
    • Profile a few key metrics
    • Depending on your current experience, you could: develop a frontend application (either web or mobile, you choose), develop an addon for Connhex Edge for further processing, or both. Your work will result in a demo that we will potentially showcase at tradeshows.
  • Minimum requirements:
    • Some familiarity with at least one of the following programming languages: Javascript, Python, C/C++, Go. Or any other language, if you feel like you have a solid grasp of it: we can adapt.
    • Humility, initiative and ambition.
  • It would be great if:
    • You have been tinkering with some low-level stuff for fun. Raspberrys and Arduinos, for example.
    • Have developed a web app or a mobile app

Anomaly detection in Timeseries

About this project:

  • Connhex includes a powerful (yet under-promoted, since we are not that good at marketing) AI engine for anomaly detection
  • During your period with us, you’ll train a model to detect anomalies coming from accelerometers.
  • This will involve writing quite a lot of code. Unless you have been writing software on your own, it will probably be your biggest project to date – and we’ll be there to guide you through it. Depending on your current experience, you could also implement an acquisition and signal-processing edge entity.
  • You will be responsible for deploying and integrating a periodical re-trainer: don’t worry, we’ll guide you through it!
  • Minimum requirements:
    • Some familiarity with Python.
    • Some familiarity with either Pytorch or Tensorflow
    • Humility, initiative and ambition.
  • It would be great if:
    • You have some familiarity with Linux

About you

Personal skills

If you’re evaluating working with us, we are really honoured and grateful for it. From the outset, it is very important that we share the same values and principles of working. You should:

  • have high quality standards but be able to live in peace with the fact that things can always be better
  • be proactive - “I’m here waiting to be told what to do next” is not how we work. We appreciate autonomy and entrepreneurship, in its literal meaning. What do we offer in return? Your voice will always be heard and your opinions and decisions will be essential in steering Compiuta’s future.

You should be able to communicate effectively in English. Italian fluency is appreciated, but not required.

Technical skills

We only expect you to have a solid grasp of the fundamentals of coding. Ideally you have already developed a few projects on your own, but it's not a requirement.

About us

Compiuta is a young Italian company, operating in the intersection between IoT and Machine Learning - yes, we'll keep using this term instead of AI for as long as we can! We consider ourselves young both because Compiuta was founded in 2021 and because the average Compiuter - how we jokingly refer to ourselves, for obvious reasons - is 32 years old. That still counts as young, right?

We split our time between creating, engineering and selling our own products and working on custom projects for clients. Oftentimes, Compiuta’s solutions are a blend of both: we initially provide our products to satisfy a business need, then doors open for additional collaboration. The other way round is also true: by finding commonalities between requests that come to us in one way or another, we find ideas for products or proprietary building blocks that we are able to reuse.

We are not strictly adherent to any PJM methodology and try to keep things as simple as possible: we like to think we got the main principles of the Agile Manifesto right, without obsessing too much over sprint planning. Our website is always outdated - even though…look at that smooth scrolling! - but represents a good starting point to understand what we do.

You can learn a bit more about us by reading our blog and subscribing to our newsletter. If you're into social media, make sure to check out our LinkedIn page.

About this offer

Company culture

This could partially subjective, but nonetheless is what we are constantly striving for. Think of these few principles as an addendum to our values, describing how we work at a more practical level. Also, if any of this sounds too good to be true, keep in mind that right now things are probably facilitated by Compiuta’s small size.

We deeply value expertise. You’ll be surrounded by experts in their own domains, ready to teach you everything they know about algorithms, data handling at scale and writing good code. Don’t mistake experts with “know-it-alls” though: the trademark of expertise is usually knowing when you have reached the boundary of your knowledge and need to deep dive into the rabbit hole.

Company politics is out of Compiuta. You are expected to clearly state your thoughts and quickly highlight any problem that may arise.

We are surrounded by an anxiety-free environment. We work quite hard, but always help out each other. No blaming is allowed, ever.


Every job should be compensated - and stages are definitely jobs. As for standard job offers, we structure compensation around a fixed part and a variable one. The fixed part is comprised of:

  • cost reimbursement
  • benefits
whereas the variable consists in performance-based bonuses.

We are budgeting a cost reimbursement of approximately 500 €/month to fill this role in a full-time way, but are open to reconsider it to properly match your skills if necessary.

Performance-based bonuses will be discussed once we are ready to make you an offer. You can generally expect performance-based bonuses to be tied both to your performance and to Compiuta’s profits for any given year.


  • Individual coaching
  • Remote work
  • Free coffee and snacks
  • Last but not least: you'll be working with nice people!


Our main offices are in Padua but we are very remote-friendly and regularly work from home. For this position we are prioritizing candidates able to work side by side with us in Padua for at least a couple of days a week - exceptions for great candidates won’t be a problem.

How to apply

Just send us everything you think we should take a look at (your portfolio, projects you’re particularly proud of, CV, cover letter, …). Either Italian or English is fine - feel free to choose what suits you best.

You can either send us an email at or reach out through LinkedIn.


I’m missing some of the requirements, but Compiuta seems interesting.

Just get in touch, and we’ll understand if there’s a fit with other openings we are planning.

I can’t work from Italy. Is there a real possibility for Compiuta to hire me or am I wasting my time by applying?

The answer is simple: we are prioritizing candidates in Italy, but are not crazy enough to pass on a great candidate. Apply without hesitation and we’ll let our lawyer and accountants figure out how we can pay you.

Why is this offer in English if you’re Italian?

The main reason is that we strongly believe that a company is just a group of people. We won’t miss out on the opportunity to work with great people just because they’re not Italian: English is the common ground we can all understand.

Are there any additional requirements to apply?

No, there are not.

Compiuta is an equal opportunity employer. We consider for employment all applicants, regardless of their race, religion, color, ancestry, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, age, pregnancy, political affiliation, disability, and any other legally protected characteristic.

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