Connhex Edge is here!

January 02, 2023

We are launching Connhex Edge!

Think of it as a pool of services running on a Linux device, that abstracts away all the complexity - like handling power and network failures or managing retries - of exchanging data with a remote entity.

Connhex Edge block diagram
Connhex Edge: a block diagram of how we built it.

In a sense, it is Connhex’s dual: Connhex focuses on receiving data and sending commands, while Connhex Edge sends data and receives commands.


The goal we are aiming for with Connhex is to help manufacturers of connected devices to bring better products to market faster. Connhex Edge reduces sending data through a network to a simple function call.

While this might seem a minor advantage, it is not. One of the differences between a mediocre product and a really good one is that the latter just always works. For many applications, the network is the less reliable element of the stack: that’s why ensuring that receiving and sending data is rock solid is a savvy foundation for connected products.

Even if we are just launching Connhex Edge now, it has already been used in production by hundreds of devices for months: let’s just say we took our time 😬


So, you can install Connhex Edge on a Linux device and it will automatically handle everything involved in sending data to the cloud. But how does it do it?

To understand what Connhex Edge can do, let’s look at its three main components.


The Core agent is the one responsible to interface with Connhex. The device firmware will be talking with the core agent and the latter will handle the rest.


We think services are a better way to write firmware. You can think of these as equivalents to tasks dedicated to interfacing with the outside world (through a physical bus or a network for example). Interested in writing your first service? Look here!


There are countless classes of embedded devices - with great differences between them in terms of capabilities and requirements (memory footprint, available processing, power saving needs, …). This is why we kept Connhex Edge as light as possible and decided to add functionalities through addons.

We are launching it with the following ones:

  • system monitor
  • OTA update
  • data persistence
  • rule engine (available soon)

with a couple more under development. You can read more about addons here.

Learn more

To learn more about Connhex Edge, visit the dedicated page or feel free to reach out at anytime!