Our first open-source project

October 11, 2023

It’s safe to say we couldn’t have built Connhex without open-source software: standing on the shoulders of giants, as a smart man once said.

We’ve had a feeling of uneasiness about not being able to give something back for quite a while: that’s changing today.

Let’s go back to a couple of weeks ago. Alberto and I were talking, when he looked at me and said: “You know what we should do? We should release our Python template!1. It immediately made sense:

  • it is generic enough to be useful to a lot of people
  • it is small enough that maintaining and supporting it properly won’t be an immense burden

It has been our starting point for multiple Connhex services - all the pythonic ones, to be precise: releasing it simply consisted in adding a README with lots of emoticons 🎉.

If you like the project2, a star is really appreciated. Anything we can add? Feel free to open an issue with your request!

👉 You can find it on GitHub here.

  1. In Italian, obviously 😂
  2. Even if you don’t, stars are still appreciated: we have a bet going on, and I’m on the more optimistic side.